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Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council meets several times a year and is an elected and representative body of the parish community working in close collaboration with the Parish Priest to further the mission of Christ and his Church.
It provides and promotes lay leadership at a time when priests are in short supply. The PPC facilitates the operation of lay ministries within the parish and arranges appropriate training. It assists with the spiritual life of the parish.

If you have any topic you wish to be discussed at a meeting, please speak to any member of the PPC.

 Who are the Parish Pastoral Council?
The names and photographs of the members of the St. Andrew's Parish Pastoral Council, and its constitution,
are displayed on the notice board at the back of the Church.
PPC Constitution (pdf file)

Chairman of the St. Columba's Parish Pastoral Council - Frances Willacy

Members of the St. Andrew's Parish Pastoral Council from June 2019
Fr Gerald, Trish Clyde, (chair), Kevin Jones, Gerald McGill, 
Edwina Cummings, Mary Frances Murray, Annette Barnett, 
Claire Reid, Shona Payne, Kate McKay, Stuart Irvine,
Kate Sherman, Graeme Campbell

PPC Photos (pdf file)